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The Maso Pan Dairy Caderzone Terme

The Maso Pan Dairy was opened and inaugurated on the 1st January, 2011.

Undoubtedly the last piece of the mosaic which forms a dynamic business with many resources.

So here a local 0 km reality was born, that is, directly from the stable, through transformation to direct sale, the so-called short supply chain.

A job that definitely requires passion, hard work and constancy.

Qualities that our cheesemaker, Giovanni Mosca, certainly has and, right from the start, he has obtained results both locally and further afield, also participating in numerous competitions with more than positive results.

Caseificio Maso Pan Caderzone in Val Rendena (Trentino)



The transformation begins at an early hour, well before dawn, at about 3 a.m……when the world is still asleep…

The milk obtained from the previous days milking is placed in a milk skimming basin where the cream is separated from the milk for the production of butter.

Doubtlessly the modern methods of milking and dairy procedures help good production, but it is the ‘hand of the cheesemaker’ that indisputably makes the difference throughout the entire process.

To the palate, our cheeses distinguish themselves for their richness and complexity, and their balance between maturity and softness.

These are the peculiarities that make our cheeses unique and unmistakable.

Ours is a story of innovative tradition gained through passion and hard work whilst continuing to respect nature.

This is the motivation that has spurred us to pass onto organic production:  to obtain a genuine cheese, rich in flavour, just like the ones produced years ago!

On the Maso Pan Farm, where we breed  cows of the Rendena breed, we produce and age cheeses made exclusively from our own cows’ milk, with patience and gestures that are handed down through generations.

The smells and aromas that are recognizable in our cheeses are those of the habit that surrounds us:  herbaceous notes and floral hints, harmonised by the taste of fresh milk, sweet and fragrant.

Our Cheese


This is undoubtedly the Prince of our dairy.

A cheese made with raw skimmed organic milk, with the addition of our own grafted milk.

Only milk, rennet and salt, and ageing which varies between 6 months to over a year, in whole cheeses which weigh from 9 – 10 kg.

The milk only comes from cows of the Rendena breed which are fed exclusively on organic hay.


Produced with organic whole milk.

Soft and sweet with typical large holes.

Processing at coagulation temperature and low cooking mean that the curd acidifies just a little, thus producing a product that is sweet and delicate to even the finest of palates.

Ageing varies from 2 – 4 months in cheeses that weigh about 10 kg.


Produced from organic whole milk with selected yeasts.

This is a sweet cheese that appeals to younger eaters.

Ideal when served with black bread and a glass of good Teroldego.


Definitely the ricotta del Maso Pan is synonymous with freshness.

Low fat content.

It pairs well with various types of jams and chutneys, makes excellent desserts or with the addition of dark chocolate flakes makes a dessert in its own right.


Pasteurised whole organic milk, probiotics, rennet and salt, these are the only ingredients for our Caciotte, sweet and soft with a delicate aroma.

Cheeses weigh between 700/800 grammes.

Excellent when bread crumbed or in salads or simply with the addition of Lake Garda Olive Oil and apple vinegar.


Raw semi-skimmed organic milk, grafted serum, rennet – that make this a GRAN cheese!

Cheeses weigh between 17-22 kg.

…a suggestion:

…if you would like to taste the GranPan at its best, maybe with  an aperitif or at the end of a meal, the first thing that you must do is to take it out of the fridge about an hour before you are wishing to eat it.


Semi-skimmed organic milk, probiotics, rennet and salt.

A slightly more acidic taste than the Caciotta, it pairs well with sweet jams.

Enjoyed by ‘fresh and low-fat’ eaters above all during the summer months.


A simple product that has returned to the scenes and is now enjoyed even in our modern and sofisticated society.

Just an aged ricotta that has been smoked over juniper and beech leaf from the nearby Val Nambrone.

It exalts the flavour of boiled potatoes and when served together is an ideal substitute for a complete and nutritious meal.

It seems to be reminiscent of the Van Gogh painting “The Potato Eaters”.


Certainly, one of Maso Pan’s masterpieces.

A cheese made during the summer period, when the cows are in the mountains, eating the fresh grass and flowers from the Spinale pastures – an ideal area for their summer holidays!

In each cheese you can taste the flavour of the mountains.


Produced only from organic cream obtained after skimming, with both smell and colour will vary, the colour from straw yellow in the winter to a more intense yellow in the summer.

A colour difference that is due to the amount carotene found in the grass coming from the mountain pastures.

So then, cheese is to be considered as a keeper of culture and as Italo Calvino wrote (Palomar):

…behind each cheese there is a pasture of a different green under a different sky…

360° tour of the Dairy

Info and Booking

Call us at 0465 804500 or 3339809445 or write an email to

We are in Trentino, località Pan in Caderzone, Val Rendena

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