Typical, simple and genuine cooking

Our restaurant is also open to the public, upon prior booking, for lunch and dinner.

Our weekly closing, for the public, is on Wednesday.

We offer genuine, strictly Home-made cooking, using our own produce (which is certified  with the organic quality guarantee) and also that of local farmers, always careful to choose produce from Trentino.

Our dishes are simple but have traditional roots, following the recipes of our Grandparents step by step.

Our Polenta is still prepared using the traditional copper “paiolo” (cauldron) on an open flame and stirring with the wooden “trisa” (long handled wooden spoon). We often serve this with Beef Stew, sauerkraut and cotechino (very thick boiled pork sausage), and melted or grilled cheese.


polenta maso pan

arrotolato buzulan




cetrioli peperoni

zucchine e cappucci

But first you must try our Hors d’Oeuvres of cold meats and/or cheeses, served with vegetables pickled in oil or vinegar or our chutneys, all home-made by our excellent Cook.

Our starters are all classic but genuine, from strangolapreti (small spinach gnocchi), canederli (dumplings), gnocchi with ricotta cheese which we serve accompanied by our own melted butter or cheese sauce.

Not forgetting our desserts, also prepared daily in our kitchen, one of which is our speciality cake “Buzulan”, made from an antique recipe passed down to us from Granny Caterina.

We also enjoy organizing lunches for special occasions such as birthdays,  preparing menus in accordance with our clients specific requirements.

Info and Booking

Call us at 0465 804500 or 3339809445 or write an email to info@agriturmasopan.it

We are in Trentino, località Pan in Caderzone, Val Rendena