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Who are we

agriturismo Maso Pan Caderzone Val Rendena

Our farm is in the “cuore verde della Val Rendena”, the green heart of the Rendena Valley, more precisely in the farming park of Caderzone Terme.

Our farm is mainly family run. We raise roughly 120 cattle, with a few farmyard animals, donkeys, sheep and Noriker horses.

For generations we have been committed to the breeding and conservation of Rendena cattle and also to the upkeeping of our uncontaminated local territory.

The Rendena is an indigenous breed of cattle from our own valley. Ideal for alpine pastures, it is bred for its milk and meat (of excellent quality).

It was for this reason that our farmhouse was opened, to enhance the value of our products.

We have been a certified Organic Farm since the end of the 1990’s, initially with meadows and hay and then with milk, meat and their derivatives (cheeses and meat based foods).

Our cattle are mainly fed with hay grown in our meadows, but in the Summer they are taken up to the mountain pastures where they stay from the end of May until the beginning of October.

Our farm unites tradition (deeply rooted within our family) and innovation, so much so that our farmhouse was the old stable that had been restructured, subsequently rebuilt in a more modern open plan style, more spacious and brighter, in accordance with the biological standards set in order to guarantee the well-being of our animals.

360° view of the Barn

Info and Booking

Call us at 0465 804500 or 3339809445 or write an email to

We are in Trentino, località Pan in Caderzone, Val Rendena